About The Expert Witness Radio Show

For over a decade, The Expert Witness Radio Show has featured whistleblowers, ex-law enforcement professionals, former and current military personnel, covert agents, political leaders, authors, filmmakers and many, many more.

The show has been broadcast on various FM stations across the U.S., and is listened to over the internet across the globe.

Originally done solely on-air and entirely by Michael Levine, the show expanded in 1996 wth the addition of Mark Marshall as webmaster, co-producer and "Special-Agent-in-Training". Eventually, he began to co-host the show with Mike, and has since (thankfully) lost the "In Training" moniker.

If you're interested in airing the Expert Witness Radio Show on your station, please contact us.

About Michael Levine
Michael Levine is one of the most highly decorated DEA agents in that agency's history. He is the co-author (with Laura Kavanau) of NY Times non-fiction best-seller DEEP COVER, THE BIG WHITE LIE, TRIANGLE OF DEATH, FIGHT BACK (How to Take Your Own Community Back From The Drug Dealers) and was also the subject of Donald Goddard's biography UNDERCOVER.
He has served as a media law enforcement consultant for top national TV and radio shows including 60 Minutes, McNeil Lehrer News Hour and Frontline.

During his 25 year career as an enforcement officer his arrest and prosecution record were rivaled by few. Since his retirement in 1990, he has been equally effective as an expert witness and Trial Consultant in civil and criminal cases throughout the US.

For information on Mike's services, visit his consultant site: policetrialexpert.com

About Mark Marshall
(Producer /Engineer / Webmaster / Special agent-no-longer-in-training)
Regardless of what form of media you're talking about, Mark Marshall has been involved in it. In a career that spans over 20 years, he has worked in both the performance and production aspects of recorded and live music, video, radio, interactive, print and internet media projects. Mark built and maintains this site, engineers, co-hosts and announces on the show, as well as providing most of the music heard on the broadcast.

Among his talents are those of narrator, vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, photographer, multimedia / print /audio / video / radio producer and designer - in a wide range of both commercial projects and artistic endeavors.

Mark has created media content for a diverse range of projects & firms - The wide-ranging nature of these projects include websites, interactive CD-ROMs, print materials, digital photography, character voices and narration, radio spots, logo and collateral designs, 3-D renderings, sound effects, video productions and more.

And, obviously, this website.

He's now focusing on his musical career, and has released his first album, "New Eye".


More about Mark and his exploits at his website and his myspace page.

Mike and Mark in the studio

"The Expert Witness Radio Show" can be heard on:

WBAI (99.5 FM - New York City)
Monday evenings from 5-6 p.m.

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