The Last Days of Democracy

How Big Media and Power-Hungry Government are turning America into a Dictatorship Tonight, we speak with Elliot D. Cohen about his startling book, why people aren’t seeing what’s going on, and how the country is being damaged by it. About the Guest: Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D. is an ethicist, media critic, and political analyst. He […]

Jam Packed

The Election, an alleged McCain assault and a HOD update and MORE… Tonight, we speak with Robert Parry from Consortium News about the election, candidates and more, Elliot D. Cohen about an alleged John McCain assault on the family of a POW, and Bill Conroy from Narco News about the latest in the House of […]

The Pornography of Power

How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America We’ve all heard of Eisenhower’s famous warning about the military industrial complex (video below). Tonight, Mike and Mark speak wtih Robert Scheer about his devastating book on the subject of militarization, and its’ effect on society. About the Guest: Robert Scheer has built a reputation for strong […]