Phantom Informants

“I’m not saying we willfully violate people’s rights. It’s just that you get caught up in a whirlwind where the only thing that’s important is to make seizures, and you end up cutting corners.” —Unidentified customs agent following the shooting of an innocent homeowner during a wrong-door raid The homes of many American citizens have […]

The Federally Protected Child Rapist

A federal / state narcotic task force in Albuquerque, New Mexico, took a child rapist who had raped so many young boys in the past that “he lost count,” as their undercover informant. Yes, they removed him from custody. While working under the protection of the feds, the informant, MICHAEL ROBINSON. continued to rape young […]

The House of Death 12

The House of Death 12, Plagiarism, and the Rick Horn Case. The House of Death is the story of how an informant for Homeland Security, working “undercover” under the direct control of a Bush appointed United States Attorney, participated in a macabre house of horrors in which more than a dozen people were tortured to […]