Leslie Kean returns

Tonight, Leslie Kean returns to talk more with us about UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record – which she spent the last decade researching and writing – plus she talks about ongoing efforts to involve government officials in the dialogue, how different countries handle the subject of UFOs, and much much […]

Bill Conroy / Narco News returns

The kind of investigative journalist we so desperately need, Bill Conroy from Narco News returns to cover a whole myriad of subjects, including: New Heads of DEA, DOJ’s OPR Have Skeletons in House of Death Closet , $100 Million Drug-War Garrison Approved for U.S.-Mexican Border , State Department Cable Release Sheds Light on Bogotá Connection […]

Robert Parry – Rhetoric & Wikileaks

In the wake of the tragic events of last weekend’s shooting in Tucson, there has been a great deal of talk and conjecture around the web and media about political rhetoric, and what part it may be playing in events like this. Tonight, Mike and Mark speak in-depth with Robert Parry about this rhetoric, its’ […]

Howard Bloom – time for balance.

So it’s a new year… and the world is ever-changing. Well, how is it going to change – and what can we do to swing it in a positive direction? Tonight – a rollicking conversation with Howard Bloom about that very subject. About the guest: Howard Bloom, a Visiting Scholar at New York University, is […]