What We’ve Wrought…

Mike has been talking about the failed War on Drugs forEVER. It has wrought havoc not just in the states, but around the world. The ATF “Fast and Furious” program and the House of Death are just the latest in a long string. Tonight, we’re joined by Terry Nelson – Executive Director of LEAP – […]

Fast and Furious III – the bizarko continues.

As we’ve been reporting on previous episodes…”As part of an operation dubbed Fast and Furious, an ATF whistleblower contends at least 1,800 firearms illegally purchased in the U.S. were allowed to “walk” across the border…”   Well tonight, Mike has issued a “ten-thirteen” – a police radio call signifying that an officer is in serious […]

The Savage City

Tonight, we’re rejoined by our friend T.J. English to talk about his startling narrative about the turmoil of New York City in the 1960’s – The Savage City. From Amazon’s best books of the month: “One part police procedural, one part historical narrative, T.J. English’s The Savage City: Race, Murder, and a Generation on the […]