The Capture of Whitey Bulger

After 16 years on the lam, James “Whitey” Bulger – a notorious Irish mobster from Boston, who was number 2 on the FBI’s most-wanted list for over 14 years – has finally been captured by the FBI. Tonight, Mike and Mark speak with noted author Richard Stratton, who has not only researched and written about […]


Tonight, we have an in-depth discussion about intelligence, training and recruitment of intelligence agents – in both analysis and operations – and the crucial subject of human intelligence. Joining Mike and Mark is Dr. Mark Lowenthal – someone who has not only worked in the intelligence community, but in the House Permanent Select Committee on […]

The Fence

If you listen regularly, you know we’ve spent a great deal of time covering Mexico and the U.S. Border. The killing along the northern border of Mexico now rivals the statistics in any war.  Our leaders have decided on the building of a wall, almost 2,000 miles long, that has already cost our taxpayers hundreds […]


When the Obama administration sent 24 Navy SEALs into Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan, “Geronimo” was the code name for the mission. It was also the code the SEALs used to alert their commanders that they identified their target; and finally “Geronimo-E KIA” was the coded message to confirm that they had killed […]

The Killing of Jose Guerena-an Expert Commentary

On May 5th at about 9:30 a.m., an Arizona SWAT team carried out a military assault on the home of Jose Guerena, a marine veteran of two tours in Iraq. They were allegedly executing a search warrant for marijuana. As the SWAT team made entry the father of two with no criminal record picked up […]