It’s a nice story, but it’s a lie.

In September 1975, Dominic Amorosa personally led the federal prosecution of Frank Lucas – a hardcore heroin kingpin – and 18 co-defendants.

Imagine his surprise when the film American Gangster was released, and it not only portrayed Lucas as some kind of antihero – but it showed the arrest of Lucas as being accomplished by New Jersey law enforcement authorities, when, in fact, it was it was DEA, together with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, which apprehended, prosecuted and tried Frank Lucas and his suppliers.

Further – American Gangster goes on to portray a vicious and brutal search, indicates that the officers involved were associated with New York City’s Special Investigations Unit (which was admittedly corrupt, but had long since been disbanded), that Frank Lucas smuggled in heroin in the coffins of dead Vietnam G.I.s, and, finally, states that 3/4 of New York DEA agents were prosecuted for corruption as a result of Lucas’ testimony – none of which never happened.

These are but a few of the outright fabrications in American Gangster. And Dominic Amorosa is but one of the folks who are not content to sit back and watch it happen.

Tonight, Mike and Mark speak with yet another front-line guest, to get the REAL story about the Frank Lucas investigation and prosecution – and defend some honest law enforcement folks in the process.

About the Guest:

From 1972 through 1974, Dominic Amorosa was an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of New Jersey where he prosecuted numerous criminal cases.

From 1974 through September 1981, Mr. Amorosa was an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York where for several years he was assigned to the Fraud Unit. He later became Chief of the Narcotics Unit from 1979 to 1980 and Chief of the Organized Crime Unit from 1980 to 1981.

From September 1981 to the present, Mr. Amorosa has been in private practice specializing in complex litigation cases.

He also represents Gregory Korniloff, a former New York City DEA Agent.  Mr. Korniloff was the case agent for DEA on Lucas’ federal case and personally participated in the search of Lucas’ house conducted in January 1975 pursuant to a valid federal search warrant, and the arrest of Lucas on that same day.  During this search $585,000.00 in currency was seized, which was later physically introduced into evidence during Lucas’ federal criminal trial in the Southern District of New York in September 1975.


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