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Bill Conroy / Narco News returns

The kind of investigative journalist we so desperately need, Bill Conroy from Narco News returns to cover a whole myriad of subjects, including:

New Heads of DEA, DOJ’s OPR Have Skeletons in House of Death Closet ,

$100 Million Drug-War Garrison Approved for U.S.-Mexican Border ,

State Department Cable Release Sheds Light on Bogotá Connection Corruption ,

Leaked Embassy Cables Lend Credence to Prior Allegations of State Department Spying ,

House of Death informant, now in hiding, is heading to court

Lawsuit Over Flawed CIA Drone Code Is Deep Sixed by Settlement (the Kent memo, which is at

And much much more, as always.

About the Guest:

Bill Conroy has worked as a reporter or editor for the past eighteen years at newspapers in Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota and Texas.

His investigative reporting over the past five years has focused on corruption and discrimination within federal law enforcement agencies.

He is also a journalist for Narco News. His investigative pieces, particularly those on the House of Death, have made him our most-favored guest.


1 comment to Bill Conroy / Narco News returns

  • Anthony

    Good show,,, I was wondering if anything was known about the helicopter crash in Afghanistan that claimed the lives of visiting DEA agents who happen to be aboard..

    All I heard about was an odd ball report about the Taliban having aquired ground to air missle technology which didn’t make the headlines.. I hate to think the worst but you have notice patterns in actions..

    It seems the DEA is being forced into a home only agency for a reason,, and the quick billions are in play.. Even the good guys can hold on to integrity for only so long,,, or so it seems from a distance..

    You all are the best show on the net!

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