A targeted assassination on the Texas border… Corruption in a New Mexico drug task force… How safe IS the Canadian border… and the U.S. Military has Special Ops Boots on the Ground in Mexico…

All border stories, plus an amusing piece from Slate.

This is a jam-packed show with Bill Conroy of Narco News, covering the above and more.

About the Guest:

Bill Conroy has worked as a reporter or editor for the past eighteen years at newspapers in Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota and Texas.

His investigative reporting over the past five years has focused on corruption and discrimination within federal law enforcement agencies.

He is also a journalist for Narco News. His investigative pieces, particularly those on the House of Death, have made him our most-favored guest.

Links to tonight’s stories:

U.S. Consulate worker in Juarez was targeted for assassination

HIDTA task force on border mired in corruption charges

Real threat to U.S. national security may be along northern border

U.S. Military has Special Ops “Boots on the Ground” in Mexico

OPR Review

And here’s a link to the ONDCP’s review of the larger New Mexico Region HIDTA program.

Stupid Drug Story of the Week
The Associated Press on the arrival of “deadly, ultra-pure heroin.”

And lastly – Here’s a link to all 5 hours of our talk with Tosh Plumlee.

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