All the experts now agree with what the Expert Witness Show has been saying, on air, since our four-part series “First Warning” broadcast on WBAI in November, 1997. Nuclear and/or Bio Terror is a matter of WHEN not IF. Every terrorist ever caught, since 9-11, has had a map of New York City, yet Homeland Security has drastically cut New York City’s anti-terror finding. The dots are right in front of them to connect, yet Mainstream media and our New York so-called elected protector Chuckhill Clintschumer haven’t got a clue as to why this is happening. We do!
And we do not want to be right again!

Mike and Mark spend this episode going over a whole bunch of news items – links below.


FBI Agent slams bosses at Moussaoui Trial
The FBI agent who arrested Zacarias Moussaoui in August 2001 testified Monday he spent almost four weeks trying to warn U.S. officials about the radical Islamic student pilot but “criminal negligence” by superiors in Washington thwarted a chance to stop the 9/11 attacks.

Top Wall Street Firms Blast Chertoff on NY aid cuts
Wall Street sent Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff a stern letter yesterday, raising “grave concern” about the department’s decision to cut New York’s security funding by 40%.

Documents shed light on CIA’s use of ex-nazis
The Central Intelligence Agency took no action after learning the pseudonym and whereabouts of the fugitive Holocaust overseer Adolf Eichmann in 1958, according to CIA documents that shed new light on the spy agency’s use of former Nazis as informers after World War II.