Delayed Justice – Inside Stories from America’s Best Cold Case Investigators.

“Delayed Justice belongs on the bookshelf of every criminal investigator and all those who enjoy reading the true crime genre. The authors have managed to present a fascinating array of ‘cold cases’ while at the same time providing the reader with a step-by-step methodology on how to solve them.  It is indeed rare for one book to entertain and educate.  Delayed Justice succeeds at both.”

FBI (Ret.), Academy Group, Inc.

Tonight, Mike and Mark are joined by authors Jack and Mary Branson, who have put together this brilliant book on Cold Cases.  Forget what you see on TV – this here is the real deal.  PLUS: Mike Levine’s official theory on why ex-wives are more effective than profilers.

About the guests:

Jack Branson, a retired special agent with the US Department of the Treasury, is now the head of Branson & Associates, a private investigation firm. He has also written a novel, Terminal Justice.

Mary Branson is a freelance writer and the president of AptWord, Inc., a literary agency. She is the author of many books, including (with Jack Branson) Murder in Mayberry and Cutting Myself in Half.