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Drug Testing Exposed

Mike Bonventre came through the oddest of circumstances to become an undercover crime fighter…and eventually, it led him to be a champion for communities wanting to rid their streets of drug activity and the violence and social ills that accompany it – and into the drug testing industry as well. Tonight, we speak with Mike about his story, and about the drug testing industry…how the system gets used and abused by those who manipulate it for their own profit.

Drug Testing Exposed (click to order)

About the guest:
When his family’s business was sold in 1982, Mike Bonventre became an organized crime and drug consultant for Federal, State and County law enforcement agencies. In an effort to fight crime and drugs that plagued his and other community businesses, schools and families, he volunteered to act in the capacity of an undercover organized crime and narcotics operative from 1982 through 1985.

Mr. Bonventre’s three years as an undercover operative working with State Attorney’s, County Sheriff’s and the FBI from coast to coast resulted in many felony convictions and gave him a unique insight into the uses and effects of drugs and crime in the workplace, schools, family and community. Working with repeat offenders has provided Mr. Bonventre with knowledge of rehabilitation failures not seen from within the industry.

Today Mr. Bonventre is a nationally recognized certification trainer / drug consultant, expert witness for family court, probation, unenployment etc. and educational speaker. Mr. Bonventre has certified and consulted drug and alcohol collection providers ranging from small occupational health clinics, large metropolitan health centers to some of the nations largest Drug Free Corporations.


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