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Fast and Furious – the Fortune article and more

If you’ve been listening to the EWRS for any length of time, you know how we’ve been riding the “Fast and Furious” case.

Katherine Eban has penned an investigative piece for Fortune magazine – “The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal” that for some, seems to turn the whole story on it’s head. Or does it? Well, we get into that, big time.  Listen to the story – read the documentation we’ve got here, and let us know what YOU think.

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The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal

Eban followup on gun dealers:

Outgunned – minority staff report – Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Voth lawyer letter

Newell Lawyer letter

2009-10-27-Newell Email DOJ Cartel Strategy

2010-01-08 Briefing paper redacted

GAO – FIREARMS TRAFFICKING U.S. Efforts to Combat Arms Trafficking to Mexico Face Planning and Coordination Challenges

About the Guests:

Bill Conroy has worked as a reporter or editor for the past eighteen years at newspapers in Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota and Texas.

His investigative reporting over the past five years has focused on corruption and discrimination within federal law enforcement agencies.

He is also a journalist for Narco News. His investigative pieces, particularly those on the House of Death, have made him our most-favored guest.


1 comment to Fast and Furious – the Fortune article and more

  • nick

    I love the show, guys. I’m a big fan of yours and of bill conroy’s. I very much appreciate your analysis of the ‘scandal’ and the discussion of the Fortune article. Here’s my question: It’s all well and good to factor in the partisan blather surrounding Holder and the Republican opportunists, who I agree are not at all interested in getting to the larger truth behind this whole thing. However, aren’t we just dealing with another Eugene Hasenfuss event in a larger picture of absolute venality? For instance, have you ever talked to Jesse Trentadue? He has a few things to say about Eric Holder that have nothing to do with opportunistic politiking.

    Once again, I whole-heartedly agree that there’s a bigger picture here, so getting bogged down in the details of Bush vs Obama misses the point. But that doesn’t expunge Holder any more than it does Ashcroft or Mukasey, etc. The Big White Lie goes on and on and on and on….doesn’t it?

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