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Morales and The Big White Lie (La Guerra Falsa)

Michael Levine has issued a release on the 3/3/11 use of his book The Big White Lie (La Guerra Falsa) by Bolivian president Evo Morales.

The opening reads:

When Bolivian president Evo Morales held up the book “La Guerra Falsa” (The Big White Lie) by Michael Levine for the photo that would rocket around the world, claiming that it was proof of DEA and CIA protecting the biggest drug traffickers in the world and using the drug war to manipulate, control and even overthrow governments, he was wrong about one thing: “The Big White Lie” does not blame DEA; it lays the blame exclusively on CIA.

Click here to read the entire statement.


3 comments to Morales and The Big White Lie (La Guerra Falsa)

  • linda braswell bishop

    I don’t speak spanish unfortunately but would really love to know what Mr. Levine was saying about someone in miami and something about argentina.

    Your radio show is excellent btw. The house of death story is probably the root of many murders over the years as a way to send messages as to whom and how to hush up exposing the top level law enforcement people.

  • david combs

    Mike — dead link — your comment (march 2011) about the book the big white lie (I have it, have read it, SUPER BOOK!), has a link named “Click here to read the entire statement.”

    Clicked it, got error msg.



    PS: Hey, how about a show or 10 on the two (three) towers, Stephen Jones, etc.

    If you yourself aren’t a “believer”, google him plus “youtube”, and watch one of his presentations about what he and friends (scientists) found in the powder lying around everywhere.

    Yes, a conspiracy theory. One of the TWO conspiracy theories — you know what the OTHER one is, right?

  • EWRS

    Fixed! Thanks! M.

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