Since 1996, we’ve been doing this for nothing.  We couldn’t have done it without WBAI. Tonight, we feature some of our favorite guests and topics from over the past year.  While you may only listen to our show via the web – the show itself would not be possible were it not for WBAI-FM – […]

Why smart people do stupid things “To get the most out of life, we should know as much as we can about the universe and the rules by which it operates. The more we invest the mind with diverse knowledge, the more strategies we have for living in the world well. Cultivating and exercising curiosity […]

In 1959 a young monk named Tsung Tsai (Ancestor Wisdom) escaped the Red Army troops that destroyed his monastery, and fled alone three thousand miles across a China swept by chaos and famine. Knowing his fellow monks are dead, himself starving and hunted, he was sustained by his mission: to carry on the teachings of […]