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The Anthrax attacks and the FBI investigation

An expert in the field asks whether they should be called The “Federal Bureau of Invention”.

After repeatedly fingering the “wrong guy”, the final FBI investigation of an incident that terrified an already-terrified nation leaves more questions than it answers.

It was, by many accounts, the most extensive investigation in the history of the FBI – but there are many, including members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, who aren’t satisfied with the final result.

“…the 96 page FBI report is predicated on the assumption that the anthrax letters attack was carried out by a ‘lone nut.’ The FBI report fails to entertain the possibility that the letters attack could have involved more than one actor. The FBI admits that about 400 people may have had access to Ivins’ RMR-1029 anthrax preparation, but asserts all were “ruled out” as lone perpetrators. FBI never tried to rule any out as part of a conspiracy…”

This from Dr. Meryl Nass – an expert in the subject.

Tonight, Mike and Mark speak with Dr. Nass about the case.

About the guest:

Dr. Meryl Nass has a CV as long as your arm.

Professional chronology:
BS Biology 1974, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Lab Technician 1974-1976, Immunology Department. John Curtin School of Medical Research, Canberra, Australia
MD Degree 1980; attended New Jersey Medical School 1976-78, attended University of Mississippi Medical School, 1978-80
Birth of two children, 1980 and 1981, with part-time work as medical consultant for Social Security Disability, 1980-1982
Internal Medicine Residency 1982-5, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi
Emergency Room Physician 1985-1999, Parkview Hospital, Brunswick ME (2 years), Wing Hospital, Palmer MA (10 years), Farren Hospital, Turners Falls MA (1 year) , Franklin Medical Center, Greenfield MA (1 year)
Instructor, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Department of Internal Medicine, 1989-1993
Internal Medicine Physician 1993, Kaiser Permanente, Amherst Massachusetts; 1999-2002 solo practitioner, Freeport, Maine
Removal of spinal cord meningioma 2002, necessitating closure of my solo practice
Internist and Hospitalist 2003-present, Mount Desert Island Hospital, Bar Harbor, Maine

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