The Scarpa Mob Family, The FBI, And A Story of Betrayal A sensational, epic true story of a modern Mafia dynasty, by an author with incredible inside access to both the Mob and the FBI. The Scarpas were a Mafia dynasty led by Greg Scarpa Sr., a man addicted to murder. His son, Gregory Jr., […]

It’s a nice story, but it’s a lie. In September 1975, Dominic Amorosa personally led the federal prosecution of Frank Lucas – a hardcore heroin kingpin – and 18 co-defendants. Imagine his surprise when the film American Gangster was released, and it not only portrayed Lucas as some kind of antihero – but it showed […]

On January 21, 1998, the night before his 38th birthday, federal prosecutor Stanley Alpert was kidnapped off the streets of Manhattan. This is the story of what happened next… Alpert was taken by a carful of gun-toting thugs looking to use his ATM card, but when they learned his bank balance, the plan changed. They […]