In our ever-vigilant effort to point out what the hell is going on, your Expert Witness SWAT team of truth focuses on the latest noble effort from Narco News’ Bill Conroy:

Mexican Diplomat Traded Secrets with Private Intel Firm Stratfor, WikiLeaks Documents Reveal

Exchange of Sensitive Information Focused on the US/Mexican Operations in the Drug War

Tonight, Mike, Mark and Bill talk about the latest news from Narco News – and further confirm, for the umpteenth time, how no one really wants to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious – no matter how much they pontificate.

About the guest:

Bill Conroy has worked as a reporter or editor for the past eighteen years at newspapers in Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota and Texas.

His investigative reporting over the past five years has focused on corruption and discrimination within federal law enforcement agencies.

He is also a journalist for Narco News. His investigative pieces, particularly those on the House of Death, have made him our most-favored guest.



Extra news – Mike’s legendary book The Big White Lie is now available in e-book format.