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The more things (don’t) change….

On the anniversary of 9/11, we cover a variety of stories, and get a visit from Henry Schoenberger to talk about the possible impending failure of the investigation / prosecution of the Wall Street debacle.

About our guest:

Henry Schoenberger is a Cleveland entrepreneur, financial specialist, writer and author of How We Got Swindled by Wall Street Godfathers, Greed & Financial Darwinism – The 30-Year War Against The American Dream. The book, an insightful look at the failures of Washington and Wall Street as well as all the contributing factors that led to the current depression-like economy and dysfunctional state of the US, includes a foreword from David Satterfield, a veteran financial journalist who shared in two Pulitzer Prizes while he was the business editor at the Miami Herald.

Schoenberger’s 1990 book, Invest for Success, How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Real Estate Partnerships, the Stock Market and Diversification became a critical success nationally, and recently B&N decided to carry it again online and in stock. He has authored a number of articles in professional journals and mainstream publications.

Site links:

The NYPD’s Far-Flung Empire

Too Big to Jail

Five Major Banks consistently hindered Mortgage Investigation


Henry’s articles on Huffington Post


1 comment to The more things (don’t) change….

  • Mike and Mark,

    Once again over the top in your courage and service with your show, topics covered and angles of analysis covered. You bring to the show and the public not only taboo topics and taboo angles of inquiry that the MSM will never touch, but you both understand well that credibility is critical and more easily lost than gained or regained if lost. You vet your guests, and as in the case of your own backgrounds, for genuine expertise and credibility in the areas being discussed. Yes, you are needed badly and as a “Charter Member” of the EWSWAT Team, and a fellow “S”-disturber, I stand with you always.

    Mike may testify as an EW on “both sides” prosecution or defense, but understands well, that facts and law, not opportunism or a big payday, decide, and will always decide “which side” he is on (prosecution or defense) but he is never on “both sides” of justice, law, morality, the truth, or the U.S. Constitution. Mark clearly understands this well. As someone qualified as an EW as an economist, I have seen some EWs who are whores for sale and will pimp any theory of the case that pays the best. Mike will never do that nor will I because we understand not only the immorality and unlawfulness of being a hired gun for whomever pays, but that such types even as EWs, lose credibility they can never regain as well as being impeached in court as EWs thus also compromising their long-run paychecks and name.

    The understand that as Orwell put it: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” They and their guests risk total ostracization and even reprisals from the “mainstreams” of which some of them were or still are a part.

    Mike and Mark, thank you for your service.

    Jim Craven/Omahkohkiaaiipooyii
    Professor of Economics and Geography
    Geronimo Show on EW Radio Show.
    Biographical subject Marquis Who’s Who in:
    The World; America; The West; Science and Engineering; Finance and Industry; American Education. Vietnam-era veteran U.S. Army 1963-66; Member of Pilots, Scholars and Veterans for 9-11 Truth; former Planning Analyst VI of the Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico lead on one of the first ground-up comprehensive (in the field) study of the sociometrics and econometrics of the underground economy of Puerto Rico (prostitution, drugs, bolitos and tax evasion); Member Blackfoot Nation, US and Canadian Citizen; Member Editorial Board Journal of International Critical Thought, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and previously a Visiting and Consulting Professor/Lecturer at Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Yunnan University;

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