Marc Levin has already won almost every award there is for his documentary film and movie making. His film Blowback, done in the mid 1990s is without a doubt, the most prescient film about CIA’s heavy-handed, fraternity boyish meddling in world politics and the price Americans have had to pay in “blowback” When 9-11 finally did happen, it was no surprise.

Now Marc and his team focus their investigative efforts on THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION. A fictional propaganda creation presenting a Zionist conspiracy to take over the world, as a “Historical” document.

The POZ was created by the Russian Czarist secret service in the early 1900’s, in order to garner public support for the then ongoing murderous “pogroms” (rapes and murders) of Eastern European Jewery.
Astoundingly, to some, the “Protocols of Zion” is still a worldwide best seller, even available at Walmart’s. Marc Levin and crew have spent the last year investigating the effects of “the lie that won’t die” on all of us. The film “The Protocols of Zion” can be seen on Cinemax, and Cinemax on Demand.

A still from “Protocols of Zion”, where Marc Levin visits NaziMart™.


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