There’s no way around it, no matter how you look at the Trayvon Martin case.  Tragically, someone’s son shot and killed someone’s son.

There’s tons of media reportage on the story – some just reporting facts, and some blathering on and on just to keep you watching.  But in the cold clear light of day – how will this be judged?  What is the legal justification for use of deadly force?  And, in the end, what will the arguments be for and against a conviction?  And, maybe most importantly – in the end, how will this case finally rest – will it be on the facts?  Tonight, Mike and Mark speak with Dr. Philip Hayden – someone who has made this his life’s work, for a very long time.

And we pray for justice.

About the guest:

Dr. Philip Hayden, Ed.D., is a retired Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI. Dr. Hayden has been a court-certified expert witness in the areas of Use of Force, Tactics, and Mental Mindset during high risk situations since 1999. The primary focus of Dr. Hayden is to provide investigative consulting and testimony regarding Use of Force and Tactics during high-risk situations.

Dr. Hayden created and instituted the Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival Program. This program taught law enforcement officers how to conduct arrests of potentially violent subjects in a way that was conducive to their safety as well as the safety of innocent persons and the subject involved.

Dr. Hayden has a background and level of expertise unlike anyone else in the Use of Force/Special Tactics expert witness arena. As a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in multiple major metropolitan areas, Dr. Hayden participated in several hundred arrests of violent criminals. Additionally, Dr. Hayden has been certified by the FBI as an instructor in tactical concepts for law enforcement officers; defensive tactics; special weapons and tactics (SWAT); crisis management; firearms; sniper; rappelling; helicopter tactical operations; hostage negotiations; bomb investigations; and pilot-in-command for fixed-winged aircrafts.

Dr. Hayden also has been a Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI Academy. For more than 15 years he carried out training and instruction for the Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival Sub-Unit as a tactical instructor for new agent training. He has also written dozens of articles and instruction manuals for the FBI, such as the FBI Deadly Force Policy for Federal Violent Crimes Task Forces; How to Conduct High-Risk Arrests; and Safe Apprehension of Dangerous Criminals.

In addition to being recognized for his service by the FBI, Dr. Hayden is the recipient of the Purple Heart, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Conspicuous Service Cross, Army Commendation for Valor, Bronze Star for Valor, and the Distinguished Service Cross. He retired from the U.S. Army with the rank of Captain, achieving that rank in four years.

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