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WBAI Fundraiser – F&F and a BUNCH more….

Tonight, we cover a LOT – and we also fundraise for WBAI – the station from which we’ve been broadcasting for over 15 years.

We ask you right up front – PLEASE – call 212-209-2950 – or go to and make a pledge on behalf of our show – we wouldn’t be here without WBAI.

Tonight, we talk about repercussions from Fast and Furious,  delve into some drug war history, and talk with Henry Schoenberger about the lawsuit filed against JPMorganChase by the NY AG.

Show audio will be up on Wednesday.

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1 comment to WBAI Fundraiser – F&F and a BUNCH more….

  • For Mike and Mark,

    It is my honor to donate to keep your show on the air; your show is one of the most important on the air in my opinion as courage can be infectious.

    Keep up the great work of the show and what you bring to the table each week.


    Jim Craven/Omahkohkiaaiipooyii

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