WSVN-TV – Family says feds wrongfully raided home

WSVN-TV – Family says feds wrongfully raided home

HIALEAH, Fla. (WSVN) — A family is claiming federal agents raided
their house when they were looking for someone who was not there.

Boveda family said federal agents raided and ransacked their home
Thursday morning. Even the front window was smashed. Broken glass was
scattered across the floor and nearly every door in the house was busted
open. Even their closets were cracked.

“I can’t believe what I
was seeing. I said don’t break the window, I’ll open the door for you,
but you got the wrong house, you got the wrong house,” said Orlando

Federal agents said the raid was part of a larger
operation to arrest alleged drug smugglers, and the house they raided
was the last known address of a suspect who they were looking for.”

Informant info gone bad, once again?